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What is the Difference Between Virtualization and the Private Cloud?

If you read the statistics, use of the private cloud infrastructure is on the rise. In fact, some years it has doubled year over year. Some resources have private cloud use as high as 70 percent. But if you study the subject a little more, you quickly realize that the increase is only partially due to an actual growth in the use of the private cloud. The rest is inflated due to a lack of understanding and a confusion over the terminology that defines cloud computing as opposed to a virtualized environment. Continue Reading

Expert Interview with Doug Rich on the Rise of Virtualization

The rise of virtualization has been a boon for enterprises large and small, but that doesn’t mean the transition from more predictable storage methods has been easy.

“Virtualization is changing the IT infrastructure landscape and creating huge problems for customers using traditional storage,” says Doug Rich, EMEA Vice President of Tintri, a California-based IT company that’s been at the forefront of the race to virtualization. “Organizations come to Tintri looking to tackle performance problems and dramatically reduce their storage management time.”

Here, Doug discusses Tintri, the challenges facing IT, Big Data and the trends we should all be following. Read on: Continue Reading