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SQL Versus NoSQL: What are the Differences and How Do You Choose?

For several decades, SQL (Structured Query Language) has been the most used programming language for managing databases. SQL is a relational database management system (RDBMS). Recently, NoSQL has arisen as an option to SQL, and for many this is exciting because it frees the database manager from the restrictive tables and columns associated with SQL, which are not well-suited to managing unstructured data sets associated with big data. What, exactly, are the differences between the two, and when is NoSQL a preferable model to SQL? Continue Reading

HUG Meetup: SQL and NoSQL on Hadoop – a look at performance

This Hadoop User Group meetup will be sponsored by EXASOL and Bigstep and the evening hosts will be King. At this Meetup we will be focusing on 3 main categories,  as you can see in the agenda below. Our Product Manager, Alex Bordei will present insights on how to Connect Hadoop with Couchbase: Engineering for […]

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HUG Meetup: SQL and NoSQL on Hadoop – a look at performance

As usage of Hadoop has broadened, choosing the right DB technology and deployment platform represents key factors for the performance of your data analysis setup.

But how do you decide which way to go? SQL or NoSQL? Cloud or on premise? Virtualised or bare metal? We’ve decided to answer these questions, so we worked with Exasol and Couchbase to find the best performance/price setup for both SQL and NoSQL on Hadoop. We will be presenting our findings at the next Hadoop Users Group Meetup on the 16th of September.

Avira will also be joining us and share best practices on how to engineer connectors between systems, in order to maximize performance. Their own Couchdoop was built to link their CDH cluster with Couchbase in production.
Then, Alex, our Product Manager will follow-up with a few tips & tricks on how to improve performance in just about any existing infrastructure by as much as 60%. Yes, it can be done :)
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