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Big Data Feels the Need, The Need for Speed

Just like other recent tech innovations — mobile, cloud, social, etc. — big data has proven its worth. Organizations no longer question its role in business; it’s now just a matter of deciding which tools to use and determining which tasks to hand over to analytics. The future of big data is secure: but what does that look like? Much like Maverick and Goose, big data feels the need for speed. The future of data analytics is blindingly fast. Don’t look now, but the future is about to catch up with us. Continue Reading

4 Ways to Boost Your Bare Metal Cloud Experience

When you’re looking to reduce overhead expenses — but you want to retain the flexibility, scalability, and efficiency of a virtualized cloud — bare metal cloud is your answer. Without all of the noisy neighbor and latency issues associated with virtualized cloud services, performance is automatically improved by a considerable amount. Now the question is, how can you get the most out of your bare metal experience? It all starts with selecting the right service provider, and ends with thorough testing. Continue Reading

Bigstep features in Netcraft’s monthly Top 10….again

Netcraft has just published its most recent figures into the world’s most reliable infrastructure providers. We are delighted to reveal that one again Bigstep features prominently in the top ten.

This is the seventh time in the past 10 analyses that Bigstep has featured in the prestigious list, powerful recognition for our big data infrastructure.

So what’s the secret to our success?  Continue Reading