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How Healthcare Organizations Can Avoid Getting Smacked in the Age of SMAC

SMAC is a fun little acronym conjured up to convey the concepts of “social, mobile, analytics, and cloud” that have been so prevalent and disruptive over the past decade. While healthcare has been busy dealing with the Affordable Care Act and the new ICD-10 coding system, business and industry have adopted SMAC full scale. As it happens, these technologies have an incredible amount to offer both healthcare providers and their patients — as well as medical researchers, administrators and other staff, and related services and industries (such as insurance). Here are how each of the aspects of SMAC are impacting healthcare. Continue Reading

Big Data & Social Media

Most brands have learned to leverage social media to engage with their customers, at least to some degree. They manage accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and other popular sites to engage with customers, find out what products they’re enjoying (or not) and strike up more personal conversations than are ordinarily conducted at a point of sale. But fewer brands have learned to glean the full usefulness of social media, which comes from deeper analytics — beyond what occurs on your own pages and hashtags. Here is your guide to getting the most out of the big data social media affords. Continue Reading

Getting Started with Splunk for Social Media

We work with Splunk to bring you real-time enterprise grade analytics and business insight based on your machine data. We automatically deploy the free

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version of Splunk Enterprise so you can start analyzing data with no upfront investment in licensing costs.