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Why the Future of Cyber Security Lies in Big Data & Artificial Intelligence

Just a cursory look around the world of cyber security is enough to deduce: we aren’t doing a good enough job. The cyber criminal organization Carbanak whipped up a concoction of malware that caused ATM machines around the world (25 countries total, mostly in Russia) to spew cash at random customers. The total loss is estimated to be about $1 billion. Another group of cyber criminals, called Equation, has developed what security experts are calling the nastiest piece of malware ever discovered. These are all in addition to what’s almost become the hack-of-the-week: various businesses, government agencies, and other organizations falling prey to data breaches that compromise anywhere from a few dozen confidential records to many millions of them. It’s time to do something. Continue Reading

4 Cyber Security Trends You Never Saw Coming

Most of the cyber attacks and data breaches you hear about are of the garden variety. The Sony hack, for example, and data breaches at Ashley Madison are the same types of threats we’re used to seeing. Unfortunately, many businesses are still vulnerable to these types of attacks because it’s difficult to prove that cyber security actually produces a measurable ROI. But beware, those without adequate IT security, because the next generation of threats is already on the way. Continue Reading

The Pink Elephant in the Room: How IT Ignores Blatant Security Issues, Even in the Era of the Data Breach

What would happen if you completely ignored your car maintenance or home maintenance? What if you bought a car and drove it for years with no oil changes, no tire balancing and rotation, and never adding necessary fluids? Or bought a home, but never changed the air filters, cleaned the gutters, or fixed little things that broke over time? Likely, you would be homeless and walking before too many years. The same is true with IT security. You might get by for a while, but eventually the lack of attention will bite you — probably very hard. Continue Reading

Ransomware: What You Need to Know to Secure Your Data Today

Each year, major cyber security companies and other industry experts release their predictions for the year ahead. These predictions include what attacks they expect to see most frequently, as well as trends in security improvements. One of the threats that almost all of the experts believe will have a growing impact in 2016 is ransomware. What is it? What can you do if you are victimized? Better yet, how can you prevent becoming a target in the first place? Here are your answers. Continue Reading

Hacktivism: What It is and How You Can Avoid Becoming a Target

New years are new beginnings. In our personal lives, that usually means rethinking and recommitting to goals like physical fitness, financial prosperity, and personal betterment in the form of more education or smarter family decisions. In business, the new year means taking a look at things like budgets, expansion goals, and IT security. According to leading security experts, one of the biggest threats to watch out for in 2016 will be hacktivism. Are you prepared? Continue Reading