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2016: The Year World Governments Decided to Reform Data Privacy

In 1998, the European Union, United States, and Switzerland entered an agreement called Safe Harbor, which was enacted to assure that the data collected, stored, and used by businesses within and among these nations would be kept to a mutually-agreed upon standard of privacy. In October of 2015, a judge for the European Court of Justice struck down Safe Harbor, largely in response to the United States government’s spying habits, made legal by the Patriot Act (enacted following the terrorist attacks on 9/11). Continue Reading

4 Takeaways from the Recent Data Breach of US Government Security Agency

Today is not a good day to be an employee of the US federal government. One of the worst data breaches in history has compromised the private, sensitive information of at least four million, but potentially as many fourteen million, current and previous government employees.

The hack targeted the Office of Personnel Management (or OPM), which essentially acts as a big human resources department for the federal government. It houses information including names, social security numbers, phone numbers, addresses, job assignments, performance reviews, training records, and more on all government employees and contractors. Continue Reading

US Government Expands Big Data Project Collecting Information on Civilians Without Search Warrants

In the US, one of the most solid protections against an overly aggressive or invasive government is the idea of the search warrant. Without a search warrant, law enforcement and government officials aren’t allowed to search a person’s private property, listen in on or record their phone calls, collect and read their emails, and other potentially obtrusive and evasive searches. Continue Reading

What is the Next Generation Firewall? How Can You Choose One?

In the market for a new firewall? The next generation firewall (NGFW) is a distinct improvement over the previous generation for this era of Internet threats. Most businesses opt for a physical firewall, while small companies and individuals might make do with a software firewall. NGFW protection is available in both hardware and software versions. Continue Reading

Is Big Data the Answer to Your Security Questions?

The year 2014 became known as the Year of the Hacker, even before it mercifully came to an end. In fact, many security experts predict that the trend will continue into this year and beyond. Isn’t it time that we turned the tables and declared the Year of Cyber Security Success? This success can come from security intelligence. Big data is the key to locking the doors to cyber and even physical enterprise security. Here’s how. Continue Reading