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The Legal Considerations of Big Data

The focus of most companies utilizing or planning to utilize big data has so far been focused on the technologies and talents needed to process and analyze it. While these challenges remain at the forefront of big data discussions around the world, another aspect of collecting, analyzing, and using the products of big data needs to be acknowledged and addressed: the legal ramifications of big data. As you will see, the issues are complex and no definitive answers exist just yet. But knowing what these issues are can keep you out of trouble as the laws governing big data are debated, enacted, and enforced. Continue Reading

How Big Data is Changing the World of Modern Manufacturing

It’s hard to find an industry that big data isn’t making an impact in, but the world of manufacturing showcases the operational power of big data like no other. In manufacturing, big data analysis is being used to improve production while helping eliminate waste and lower costs. This is particularly evident in the sectors of biopharmaceutical production, chemical manufacturing, and discreet manufacturing. Here are just a few of the many ways that big data is revolutionizing the manufacturing industry. Continue Reading

Hadoopoconomics and Other Forecasted Trends for 2015

Forrester analyst Mike Gualtier has made numerous predictions for Hadoop in the year 2015, primarily that the smart economic sense of Hadoop will inevitably make corporate of this open source big data technology mandatory. Learn what Gualtier’s other predictions are for Hadoop over the year to come.

What is Hadooponomics and What Will It Mean in 2015? Continue Reading

5 Benefits of Cloud Performance Testing

For companies that sink or swim based on service outages and customer satisfaction ratings, the benefits of performance testing are clear and well-documented. Performance testing simulates heavy loads and assesses the performance of apps and infrastructure to assure that downtime doesn’t derail your campaigns, promotions, and lucrative business times. But onsite testing is expensive, time-consuming, and has certain limitations. Cloud performance testing is cheaper and less limited in scope, meaning you can test anytime and test everything that might fail. Continue Reading

Bigstep features in Netcraft’s monthly Top 10….again

Netcraft has just published its most recent figures into the world’s most reliable infrastructure providers. We are delighted to reveal that one again Bigstep features prominently in the top ten.

This is the seventh time in the past 10 analyses that Bigstep has featured in the prestigious list, powerful recognition for our big data infrastructure.

So what’s the secret to our success?  Continue Reading