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5 Benefits of Cloud Performance Testing

For companies that sink or swim based on service outages and customer satisfaction ratings, the benefits of performance testing are clear and well-documented. Performance testing simulates heavy loads and assesses the performance of apps and infrastructure to assure that downtime doesn’t derail your campaigns, promotions, and lucrative business times. But onsite testing is expensive, time-consuming, and has certain limitations. Cloud performance testing is cheaper and less limited in scope, meaning you can test anytime and test everything that might fail. Continue Reading

7 Types of Businesses That Need Better Cloud Performance

Experts have predicted the popularity of the cloud to erupt the past couple of years, but this year it finally did. Now, 87 percent of businesses are using some form of public cloud services, and 74 percent have adopted a hybrid cloud system of public and private services. Companies are less worried about security concerns, and are experiencing a greater availability of cloud services, greater geographic reach, lower costs, and improved business continuity. What industries could benefit from better cloud performance? Continue Reading

Great news: you can get 60% more performance on existing infrastructure

We recently released a series benchmarking results which reveal that you can get up to 60% more performance from existing infrastructure – be it on-premise or outsourced, bare metal or virtualised.

In our testing, we were surprised to see several infrastructure myths debunked, such as more CPUs equal more performance and that OS choice has only minimal impact on performance. Alex Bordei, our Techie Product Manager is the culprit behind these findings and he’ll be glad to answer any comments, so if you’ve got any questions, ask away.

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