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Is It Time for Our DB Administrator to Delve Into NoSQL?

Along with all of the media and blogging buzz about big data, NoSQL databases have crept into the headlines. Many proponents of big data are adamant that you can’t really delve into big data without getting started with NoSQL too. Is it time to get your database administrator trained and ready to crank up a NoSQL database? Continue Reading

How To Benchmark NoSQL Databases

People make wrong design decisions all the time. Typical developers are under immense pressure to meet a deadline and they very often just take gut decisions and choose technologies they haven’t worked with before because they sound good on paper. The vice-versa is also often true, senior developers go with proven technologies and their known pitfalls because they simply don’t think other technologies can be better.

There are two ways to get a feel of your environment’s performance profile: Continue Reading

OrientDB Interview On Multi-Model DBs Management For Big Data

Speed, efficiency, and ease of visualizing information are some of the greatest opportunities Big Data offers. This speed and efficiency goes straight out the window when developers are constantly having to flip between tabs and open new software – not to mention not being able to understand what they’re looking at. Continue Reading

Couchbase Live Europe

Join us at the Europe’s biggest NoSQL and Big Data event of the year.

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SQL Versus NoSQL: What are the Differences and How Do You Choose?

For several decades, SQL (Structured Query Language) has been the most used programming language for managing databases. SQL is a relational database management system (RDBMS). Recently, NoSQL has arisen as an option to SQL, and for many this is exciting because it frees the database manager from the restrictive tables and columns associated with SQL, which are not well-suited to managing unstructured data sets associated with big data. What, exactly, are the differences between the two, and when is NoSQL a preferable model to SQL? Continue Reading