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Is the Next Silicon Valley Coming to… Utah?

Just fewer than 3 million souls call Utah home; some 80 percent of them live and work in a comparatively small section in the north-central part of the state known as Wasatch Front. Interstate 15 runs through this region, south to north, from Nephi to Brigham City, connecting the three most populous cities in the state — Salt Lake City, West Valley City, and Provo. The majestic Wasatch mountain range and Wasatch-Cache National Forest sit to the east, and to the west lays the Great Salt Lake, perhaps the most famous section of Utah’s Jordan River. Continue Reading

Choosing the Best Method for Outside Network Access

Some lucky businesses are housed in a single building, making networking a cinch. Others, however, are sprawled across large campuses, a metro area, or even with locations in another city. Ethernet is by far the most popular option when it comes to networking with the outside (branch offices, data centers, etc.), but it isn’t the only way. Here is your guide to selecting a remote networking option that best suits your needs, budget, and business requirements. Continue Reading

SDN + Cloud = Bright Future

SDN, or software defined networking, isn’t exactly new. The concept came into being back in the 1990’s. However, the realization of the potential for SDN has only come into play very recently. In fact, technology is only now nearing the true potential of SDN, and it will likely be 5 to 10 years before the revolution SDN is capable of initiating is a reality. So, what is SDN and how is it positioned to revolutionize the future? Continue Reading

Low latency and big data

Low latency was once only really spoken about within financial trading firms. But in 2013 low latency networks are desired and used by businesses of all types. Anyone in fact, who is demanding fast, predicable and deterministic response time as a business priority.

The good news is that latency of 5-10 microseconds can be achieved…for our customers anyway. But why is low latency so important and how is it best achieved?  Continue Reading