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How Data Analytics & the IoT are Revolutionizing CityManagement

The idea of a municipality using Internet of Things (IoT) devices isn’t new. Between red light cameras and smart meters on houses, government agencies have already found efficiencies with Internet-connected devices. With IoT devices recording more data than ever, new providers of big data apps for municipalities are emerging, trying to help define how governments catch up in the new information age. Continue Reading

4 Cyber Security Trends You Never Saw Coming

Most of the cyber attacks and data breaches you hear about are of the garden variety. The Sony hack, for example, and data breaches at Ashley Madison are the same types of threats we’re used to seeing. Unfortunately, many businesses are still vulnerable to these types of attacks because it’s difficult to prove that cyber security actually produces a measurable ROI. But beware, those without adequate IT security, because the next generation of threats is already on the way. Continue Reading

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Become a Meteorologist With Just Your Phone

Using computers in weather prediction has been around for a long time. In the 60’s, Edward Lorenz used a very basic machine to model Earth’s weather patterns. In so doing, he discovered what was later known as the butterfly effect, in which very small changes lead to significantly different outcomes. Continue Reading