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Bigstep features in Netcraft’s monthly Top 10….again

Netcraft has just published its most recent figures into the world’s most reliable infrastructure providers. We are delighted to reveal that one again Bigstep features prominently in the top ten.

This is the seventh time in the past 10 analyses that Bigstep has featured in the prestigious list, powerful recognition for our big data infrastructure.

So what’s the secret to our success?  Continue Reading

Using big data for real time insight

We recently blogged about some of the different practical uses an organisation can find for big data. But many of the best use cases also have an additional element – real-time analytics.

The actionable insight that organisations derive from their big data is a powerful tool proposition but increasingly executives are wanting that insight in real-time. What steps do organisations need to take in terms of infrastructure in order to extract meaning from their big data in real-time? Continue Reading

Don’t let big data be a big drain on resources

Big data and virtualisation are two of the dominant technology trends of the past few years. But can they work together effectively? Big data requires immense computing power to manage and process it effectively and whilst virtualisation has certain qualities, it lacks the raw power to truly unlock big data’s potential. How much resource could a business waste trying to process big data in a virtual environment?  Continue Reading

The need for speed

When it comes to technology, size certainly isn’t everything. But speed might well be. Of all the qualities users looks for in almost every type of technology, the ability to get things done quickly, efficiently and effectively are probably still the main priorities, with other features and functionality arguably just window-dressing.

We speak regularly with CIOs and CTOs from organisations all over the world and speed and performance are two issues that never go away. What can be done to ensure infrastructure speeds are as fast as modern business requires?  Continue Reading

Ever wondered what hardware your cloud provider uses?

There are times when cloud providers are able to hide behind the vagaries of the cloud. Because you can’t physically see or touch something it can be hard to keep track of exactly what it is.

For example, can you state confidently what hardware your cloud provider uses? Is it the hardware that you would choose if you had an on-premise infrastructure? The right hardware is so important in delivering the right performance yet many providers are deliberately vague – surely it is time for more transparency?  Continue Reading