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From launch to Forbes in five months

When we launched our IaaS for big data in October 2013 we were confident the market would be intrigued by the combination of super computing power and cloud flexibility.

We weren’t quite prepared though, for the kudos coming our way over the ensuing months, which culminated in Bigstep appearing in a Forbes article at the end of March. So if you’ll excuse us singing our own praises for a moment, we’d like to recap on what we’ve been up to since October.  Continue Reading

Bigstep: the UK Cloud Award newcomer of the year!

This week is proving to be a very busy and successful week for us and the highlight came last night, when Bigstep was crowned newcomer of the year at the UK Cloud Awards!

For a company that only launched in October 2013, this is a real honour. Much hard work has gone into Bigstep and this is what makes it so rewarding for that to be recognised.  Continue Reading

The need for speed

When it comes to technology, size certainly isn’t everything. But speed might well be. Of all the qualities users looks for in almost every type of technology, the ability to get things done quickly, efficiently and effectively are probably still the main priorities, with other features and functionality arguably just window-dressing.

We speak regularly with CIOs and CTOs from organisations all over the world and speed and performance are two issues that never go away. What can be done to ensure infrastructure speeds are as fast as modern business requires?  Continue Reading

Will the cloud ever truly make its mark on the enterprise?

For all the benefits of cloud services there remains a perception that the cloud is not necessarily for the enterprise. Sure, major enterprises use the odd SaaS and host certain non-critical data in the cloud. But for the most part they remain wedded to old ways of working and leave the cloud to younger, smaller and more innovative organisations.

Yet some industries are more receptive to the cloud than other, so what can be done to get others amongst the world’s largest companies to consider the cloud? Perhaps the answer lies in offering the flexibility of the cloud in combination with traditional methodologies to truly get the enterprise on board. Continue Reading

Public or private cloud…or both?

The rise to prominence of cloud computing over the last decade has dramatically changed the way many businesses operate. Whilst there are some traditionalists that are still clinging to the old ways of working, many others have realised the benefits cloud computing can bring.

But what is the best option – public cloud, private cloud? Or is it possible to have both?  Continue Reading