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IaaS Versus PaaS Versus SaaS: What are the Differences?

If you have contracted for cloud computing services, your service falls under one of these categories: Software as a Service, Platform as a Service, or Infrastructure as a Service. Abbreviated, these are SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS respectively, and are the three parts of the “cloud computing stack” or the various models of cloud services available.

If you aren’t clear about these terms, you aren’t alone. Though nearly half of all businesses utilize some form of cloud computing, few can define the cloud, and even fewer can identify which of the service models listed here they employ. Here is your guide to understanding what’s available from the cloud to your business. Continue Reading

What is IaaS and How Does It Fit in Your Organization?

As you shop for technology solutions, you’ll come across terms like “SaaS,” “PaaS,” and “IaaS.” These are terms used to describe a new business model rolled out by software companies, cloud service providers, and others. The business model involves a pay-as-you-go and pay-only-for-what-you-need type of IT solutions delivery. Each term means “as a Service.” In the case of IaaS, that’s “Infrastructure as a Service.” Continue Reading

Is Bigstep’s Full Metal Cloud the Best Cloud Service?

We think so, of course. But we have recently been shortlisted in the Cloud World Series Awards 2014 in the Best Cloud Service category, so maybe we aren’t the only ones. For a new and emerging company such as ours, it is hugely rewarding to see our full metal cloud acknowledged by such a prestigious awards and shows the progress that we are making with our innovative approach to big data and the infrastructure needed to manage it.

We are up against some of the biggest competition possible in this category – Amazon Web Service and Cloudyn. But we believe our combination of bare metal power and cloud flexibility is a really compelling proposition for any organisation wanting big data analysis in quick time, and here is why.  Continue Reading

Cloud-busting – is there really only one true cloud?

The terms ‘cloud’ and ‘cloud computing’ and their exact definitions generate more heated debate in the technology sector than perhaps any other terms.

When we launched our big data infrastructure last year, people immediately and mostly loved the concept. But there was also a lot of discussion with the analyst community especially about our cloud credentials. The idea of there being ‘one true cloud’ was raised. We would dispute this in the strongest terms, and this is why.  Continue Reading

Bigstep cited again as one of Netcraft’s most reliable infrastructure providers

This is starting to become a habit. The latest Netcraft figures that look at the most reliable infrastructure providers in the world have been revealed and yet again Bigstep is featured in the top ten.

This takes the Netcraft count for Bigstep to eight times in the past 11 analyses, one of the most consistent records of any company to feature in the Netcraft lists.

We know that the world’s most powerful public computing infrastructure is of little use without the reliability to go with it – here’s how we do it.  Continue Reading