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Hadoop Overview: What is It? What is It Used for? Do You Need It?

The concept of big data isn’t new at all. While the exact conception point of modern big data can likely be traced back (according to Forbes) to the identification of the “information explosion” back in 1941, what has changed recently isn’t just the volume, variety, and velocity of data — but rather the tools that we have to store and analyze the data. Certainly, volume, variety, and velocity are growing more today, as well, since the bulk of big data is produced by machines, not humans. Continue Reading

Hadoop Then & Now: Doug Cutting’s Take on the Past, the Present, and the Future of This Game-Changing Technology

Not only is Doug Cutting the brains behind the most successful big data platform, Hadoop, he is also one of the reasons why the open source community was finally able to push its way into the enterprise, alongside the proprietary software giants who dominated those arenas for decades. Now on board with Cloudera, Cutting’s heart is still well rooted in his brainchild Hadoop. Named for a yellow toy elephant that lives in his sock drawer, the name Hadoop was actually created by his son. Cutting wanted a name that didn’t mean anything, so that the product wouldn’t be limited by its name as it evolved. He actually held onto the name idea for years before the opportunity presented itself. Aside from the unique (and undoubtedly cute) name, what else does Cutting have to say about his open source prodigy? Continue Reading

3 Predictions for Hadoop & Big Data Between Now and 2021

The past few years have brought some growing pains for big data and Hadoop. They had to fight the reputation that they were just buzzwords and had nothing really new to offer the business world. Then they had to overcome the worries over security, which most new technologies have to face in today’s cyber environment (ahem, cloud, mobile, and social). Next, they had to become a bit more user-friendly. But big data and Hadoop have now proven their worth and hurdled those obstacles — what’s next? Here’s a peek at the most prominent business technologies as we bound toward 2021. Continue Reading

Why Spark Isn’t Going to Dethrone Hadoop Anytime Soon

Once upon a time, Yahoo! needed a way to scale out storage, along with the ability to parallelize tasks, without emptying the king’s coffers. The king’s men ended up developing HDFS and MapReduce. This was the beginning of Hadoop, and for quite some time, it appeared as if Hadoop would be THE platform for managing big data. Vendors came to pay homage to the king. Open source projects ran wild. The future was good. Continue Reading

5 Incredible Ways to Use Your Hadoop-Based Data Lake

When a new concept comes along, the first thing it has to prove to the marketplace is why it is a valuable thing and what it has to offer that previous ideas can’t. Such is the case with both Hadoop and the data lake. Neither is easy to master, and both come with considerable investments of time and expense. What does your organization stand to gain for these investments? What can you actually get done with a data lake built on Hadoop? Continue Reading