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Hadoop in 2017: Bigger, Better, Faster?


Hadoop will stand strong in 2017.

Hadoop not only lives in the big data cloud, it embodies the big data cloud. Owned by Apache, Hadoop turns 11 years old in 2017. This open source software provides distributed cloud storage and the ability to process large disparate datasets into actionable insight. Continue Reading

Speed Racers! Comparing the Zippiness of the Top Big Data Tools

Hadoop was the first real entry into the big data race, and though it got somewhat of a slow start, it has emerged as the winning big data infrastructure. The Hadoop ecosystem has evolved to include a comprehensive set of tools, most of which are open-source, but are supported by deep-pocketed and deeply-committed vendors. This vendor support, combined with a strong and dedicated open source community, has helped propel a number of big data engines into the race for success. Continue Reading

5 Useful Things to Know Before Choosing Between Hadoop & Spark

There’s a lot of “Hadoop versus Spark” type articles and blog posts circulating in the tech journals, but inevitably it doesn’t have to be a competition. These two platforms coexist nicely, and also work well for entirely different things. Ironically, this stiff competition, whether real or merely perceived, was born out of an industry need. Continue Reading

4 Things to Know About Hadoop & Apache Spark

Within the marketplace of big data and analytical products, Hadoop and Spark are often pitted as competitors. That’s not really the case. Many big data solutions include either Hadoop or Spark, and quite a number are utilizing the two together. Their strengths are different, their weaknesses are different, and both have a major role to play as organizations master the art and science of big data. Here’s what you need to know to get the most out of either — or both! Continue Reading