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Windows to Linux: The Challenges, The Benefits, and Making the Change

Last year, Windows operating systems were hit with an unprecedented number of malware attacks. Conversely, Linux systems were hit with only a couple of major malware attacks. This is more than Linux users are used to, but far, far less than Windows users face regularly.

Additionally, Microsoft seems to be phasing out some of its most popular, reliable products (like Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Office 2003) while simultaneously introducing products that aren’t being well received by users (Windows 8).

Together, these two issues are causing more people (both personal users and businesses) to consider Linux as an alternative. Is Linux right for you? Take a look at the advantages, disadvantages, and what switching from Windows to Linux involves. Continue Reading

North America Vs Europe: Who Will Win the Race to Cloud Adoption?

Cloud spending is on the upswing globally, and is expected to increase by another 42 percent during the year 2015, bringing the total cloud market value to $131 billion USD. But just like other areas (such as the great debate over football versus soccer), there are some notable differences between the U.S. and Europe when it comes to cloud adoption. In North America (including figures for Canada and Mexico, though the U.S. commands the lion’s share of this figure), the cloud adoption rate has reached 62 percent. Europe lags at just 25 percent. What is causing the difference, and who will ultimately win the race toward cloud adoption? Continue Reading

4 Reasons to Love Hadoop on the Full Metal Cloud

Though Hadoop cloud computing is achieving mass acceptance among corporations working with big data, it hasn’t come without criticism, reliability among the chief complaints. Is it possible to improve the performance of Hadoop for faster, more powerful big data analysis? Hadoop was designed to work on the bare metal cloud, but there is an even better solution. If you’ve been using a virtual environment or even a bare metal cloud, switching to the full metal cloud is going to offer you wow-ing results, right from the start. Continue Reading

Hadoopoconomics and Other Forecasted Trends for 2015

Forrester analyst Mike Gualtier has made numerous predictions for Hadoop in the year 2015, primarily that the smart economic sense of Hadoop will inevitably make corporate of this open source big data technology mandatory. Learn what Gualtier’s other predictions are for Hadoop over the year to come.

What is Hadooponomics and What Will It Mean in 2015? Continue Reading

5 Benefits of Cloud Performance Testing

For companies that sink or swim based on service outages and customer satisfaction ratings, the benefits of performance testing are clear and well-documented. Performance testing simulates heavy loads and assesses the performance of apps and infrastructure to assure that downtime doesn’t derail your campaigns, promotions, and lucrative business times. But onsite testing is expensive, time-consuming, and has certain limitations. Cloud performance testing is cheaper and less limited in scope, meaning you can test anytime and test everything that might fail. Continue Reading