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4 Things You Need to Know to Get the Most from Docker Containers

Containers are a technology that allows you to stuff more compute workloads onto a single server, giving you the ability to upscale capacity for new compute jobs in a tiny fraction of a second, and Docker is one of the premier open source solutions that have emerged to accommodate containers. Theoretically, Docker containers mean less hardware to purchase, as well as less staff to manage the data center. At first glance, the technology behind containerization sounds a lot like virtual machines, but the two are quite different. Here’s what you need to understand before taking on Docker containers. Continue Reading

Is Docker Just for Small Biz, or Can Enterprises Take Advantage Too?

Introduced in 2013, Docker took on quickly in startups and small businesses. Originally developed to work with Linux operating systems, the new company quickly developed versions compatible with both Windows and Mac systems. It was especially popular with developers of new apps, and there were concerns about using it in enterprise environments where compatibility with legacy apps was in question. True to its innovative nature, Docker quickly adapted, and now has become a viable option to virtualization, capable of scaling to any size organization. Continue Reading


Docker Best Practices

Lean, uncomplicated, standardized, easily manageable: that’s the essence of Docker containerization. Using best practices assures that all of the benefits of Docker containerization are fully realized and you’re making full use of this powerful tool. Here are the Docker best practices that will help you make the best of the lean, mean Docker containerization that has become so popular among developers. Continue Reading

How to use Docker on Full Metal

Let’s be honest: Docker loves bare metal. Running Docker inside a VM (which is the only option with almost all public clouds) is simply a waste of time and money. VMs are known for being slow in handling in-memory workloads, such as those generated by NoSQL databases or Spark. This is due to the high TLB miss ratio that these technologies naturally incur.

On the Full Metal Cloud containers run at bare metal performance and also have access to our state of the art layer 2 network to bridge. This allows our users to forget about IP management and just let Docker do its job.

How to install Docker on the Full Metal Cloud

1. Start with a Vanilla CentOS template. Continue Reading

NoSQL Performance Benchmarks Series: Cassandra

We all know Cassandra is supposed to scale but what is its exact scaling pattern? How much faster does it get if you add an extra node? Is it truly linear? How sensitive is it to hardware constraints?

This week, our techie Product Manager, Alex Bordei addressed those questions during his presentation at Cassandra Summit, in London.  Continue Reading