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Beyond Docker: are containers here to stay? (Part III)

The Docker series

What is Docker and why use it? (Part I)
Why developers love Docker (Part II)
This article ends the Docker series.


Docker in itself, but also components and concepts popularized by it, are at the heart of a multitude of projects which try to build on it. Just as Docker put a friendly face around LXC, people and companies around the world try to use it to put friendly faces around other connected areas. For instance a consortium comprising of the technology behemoths Google, Microsoft and IBM as well as smaller companies, such as CoreOs, RedHat, Mesosphere and even the apparent Docker competitor VMWare, is supporting a project called Kubernetes (open-sourced earlier this year by Google) which tries to “dockerize” what happens above-and-beyond the container (i.e. defining logical components that run in different applications but are managed in a cluster as a single entity). Here is a non-exhaustive list of related (and sometime competitive) containerization projects:

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