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Are You Ready to Rumble? NoSQL and Relational DBs Face Off

Don’t you just love a heated debate among tech geeks? Along with arguments over the rightful place of cloud computing, the merits and risks of BYOD, and how to leverage the IoT, you can sit ringside while database administrators duke it out over NoSQL versus relational databases, usually SQL. Which one is better? Which one best suits your needs? Grab a ringside seat and let’s find out. Continue Reading

When Data Meets Philosophy

When it comes to big data, philosophy is a bit overwhelmed. Attitudes vary tremendously. Some people fear it, others see it as necessary (but distrust it), others warmly embrace it – yet caution that we need new ethical mechanisms to keep it in check, while others believe we need not concern ourselves with ”why” something happens, and instead just let the data ”speak for itself”. Continue Reading

How to Provide Enterprise-Level Security to Cloud-Based Apps

Cloud-based apps are a must-have these days. Every business from your news channel to your bank to your video streaming service offers robust, highly functional mobile apps for customers to take advantage of while on-the-go. But providing enterprise-level security is more difficult in the cloud. How can you endow your apps with the top-notch security you and your customers require? Continue Reading

Expert Interview with Antony Falco on Databases in the Cloud

Speaking with Antony Falco, founder and former COO of Basho, turned out to be a good lesson on databases in the cloud.

If you’re a programmer or developer who wants to spend more time flexing your creative muscles and less time getting mired in database maintenance, then it’s time to look to cloud-based services, says Antony Falco, now CEO and co-founder of Orchestrate.

These services allow programmers to be more creative and solve more problems by eliminating unnecessary tasks from their workloads. In the building stage, programmers should be focused on what makes their application unique and getting it out in front of users early. Continue Reading

Big Data – Use it!

Why you need data?

It’s popular, it’s in the now. It’s already in the dictionary. But, there’s only one thing that makes the difference: how to use Big Data in a smart way.

Now, data means all sorts of things, from raw demographics to order frequency, or to product preferences and many others. Most of the data that we can come up with may take a long time to extract and my not be actionable. You may not be able to do anything with it, except maybe understand your customers a little better, but it might not be worth the effort.

Dashboards for executives, on the other hand, have proven to be a valuable tool. It helps you keep a closer eye on the business. And no, accounting reports won’t do unless you get them every day and you get graphs so that you can see trends. Continue Reading