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5 Tips & Tricks for Staying Out of the Ditch with Data Analytics

Data analytics has probably been discussed and debated as much as any of the disruptive technologies that have rocked our times. Finally, a clear set of tools, strategies, and technologies have emerged to make data analytics practical for all sizes of organizations, and the latest tools make it possible to do so without a huge team of expensive data scientists. For example, the data lake makes it possible to collect and store data before you even determine what you’ll do with it analytically. So, with all these new tools and technologies, how can you assure your data analytics won’t fall in the ditch? Here are the best tips and tricks for staying out of trouble. Continue Reading

The World’s Fastest Analytic DB On The World’s Highest Performance Cloud

In-memory data analytics in the Full Metal Cloud

Organizations that need to jump into their large data workloads can now benefit from the world’s fastest database on the highest performant cloud in the world, our Full Metal Cloud.

We are pleased to announce that we have joined forces with EXASOL in a partnership program which is aimed to bring super-fast, flexible data analytics to the next level.

Forget about investing and maintaining an IT infrastructure usually used for obtaining actionable insights. You can now build an in-memory data analytics setup in less than 20 minutes.

Bigstep and EXASOL partnership program banished the days of high costs and inflexibility, as the world’s fastest SQL in-memory analytic database from EXASOL is now available in our Full Metal Cloud, engineered specifically to crunch big data. Continue Reading