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NoSQL Performance: Measuring Couchbase Performance with Couchdoop

Calin-Andrei Burloiu, Big Data Engineer at antivirus company Avira, and Radu Pastia, Senior Software Developer in the Big Data Team at Orange,  are the team behind Couchdoop – a high performance connector for bridging Hadoop and Couchbase.

Calin and Radu ran their CDH + Couchbase setup on the Full Metal Cloud and documented the performance of Couchdoop, when varying  environment parameters. These are their findings.

Use case

Avira’s large scale applications have a traditional 2-tier architecture:

• Analytical tier built around the Hadoop ecosystem which crunches large amounts of user event logs. We use Cloudera’s Distribution of Hadoop (CDH).
• Real-time tier which exposes web services to almost 100 million users. This tier requires a high performance database, and we decided to use Couchbase, which is known for its sub-millisecond response time.
However, when we tried to integrate the two technologies, Hadoop (CDH) and Couchbase, we soon reached the conclusion that current solutions just created a bottleneck. So we decided to write our own and Couchdoop, a high performance Hadoop connector for Couchbase, was born. Continue Reading