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Couchbase In The Cloud – A Performance Benchmark

This presentation was made during the Couchbase London Meetup.

Our Product Manager, Alex made a performance benchmark on Couchbase which shows sub-millisecond response times but also a difference between GET/PUT operations and QUERY operations when multiple instances are added to the cluster.

Couchbase Meetup: Learn how to get sub-millisecond response times with Couchbase

The meetup will have two segments: 1)  Connecting Couchbase to Hadoop: Couchdoop – where Calin (Big Data Engineer at Avira) and Radu Pastia (Team Leader Big Data Operations) will talk about how their need for a high-performance connector between Hadoop and CDH led them to create Couchdoop and engineer it to optimize throughput. Calin has […]

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Getting the Most Out of Your NoSQL DB

Many IT directors are failing to get the optimum performance from their infrastructure. So we’ve been conducting a number of benchmarking studies to see to how this can be improved.
Our product manager Alex Bordei presented the findings on an O’Reilly webcast which was hosted by O’Reilly’s Chief Data Scientist and Director of Content Strategy for Data, Ben Lorica, a true big data luminary.