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6 Ways to Get More Convenience Out of Spark in the Cloud

So, you got Spark. Since you wanted to save tons on storage (plus eliminate all that hassle setting up and maintaining your architecture), you opted for Spark in the cloud. Check and check — you’re headed in the right direction. Now it’s time to make sure that you’re getting the most out of Spark in the cloud. No matter what your primary purpose for the setup was, big data has tremendous potential and way too many use cases to be locked up and reserved for a singular purpose in the organization. Instead of just using it for BI or for customer relationship management, think bigger. Spark can handle it, and in the cloud, so can you. Continue Reading

7 Things You Need to Know About Implementing Cloud Services

After a few years of proving its value, addressing security concerns, and developing viable business models, the cloud has achieved a significant market share in terms of data storage, applications, and computing infrastructure. More businesses are accepting ┬áthe cloud storage and services option, and your business is likely among those ranks. Ready to go cloud? Here’s what you need to know. Continue Reading

What is the Difference Between Virtualization and the Private Cloud?

If you read the statistics, use of the private cloud infrastructure is on the rise. In fact, some years it has doubled year over year. Some resources have private cloud use as high as 70 percent. But if you study the subject a little more, you quickly realize that the increase is only partially due to an actual growth in the use of the private cloud. The rest is inflated due to a lack of understanding and a confusion over the terminology that defines cloud computing as opposed to a virtualized environment. Continue Reading

The Cloud Isn’t the Only Reason You Need NoSQL

Many organizations take on NoSQL in order to move workloads to the cloud. However, there are many other reasons to consider delving into NoSQL. It is easy to scale, provides a high level of performance, and is a low-cost option for building and maintaining databases. That makes NoSQL a great choice for a variety of reasons apart from delving into cloud computing. Here are just a few. Continue Reading

Is the Enterprise Ready for OpenStack?

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Linux is secure, flexible, scalable, reliable, and agile. Linux is a natural companion to OpenStack, so where Linux goes, OpenStack goes. For now, that’s to the enterprise.

While OpenStack has gained popularity over the years with small- to mid-sized businesses, it has been slow to catch on at the enterprise level. Most OpenStack users leverage it as an onsite private cloud, while others use OpenStack for hosted private clouds, public clouds, hybrid clouds, and community clouds (in that order of popularity). Enterprises, however, have not taken up OpenStack even as cloud computing soared in popularity during 2013, 2014, and into this year. But as of 2014, things began to change. Enterprises are slowly, yet surely, taking on OpenStack. Does OpenStack actually have a future in big business? Continue Reading