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Introducing The Full Metal Control Center

Big data environments at your fingertips

The Full Metal Cloud is introducing a new version of the Control Center, which allows you, whether you come from a business or a technical background, to create, configure and deploy any infrastructure design in less than 20 minutes. You can watch a short demonstration bellow.

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What Do People Use the Cloud for?

Perhaps more than any other modern technology, the cloud is most misunderstood. What is it? Where is it? What is it for? The cloud is just a term to describe a remote (usually virtualized) place to store and process data and run applications. You can, of course, find many various descriptions of the cloud, but if you boil them all down to the essence, that’s what it is. A cloud service provider offers these storage and processing capabilities via a service contract. Here are the most common business uses for the cloud. Continue Reading

Big Data and SEO: How the Two Can Partner Up

Search engine optimization is all about making sure that you get the best possible results from your online presence, and one of the most interesting methods you can use in order to achieve that is big data.

While big data might seem a little complicated, at least in the beginning, the reality is that once you accumulate and manage to process big data efficiently, your business as well as your promotional endeavors, including SEO, will benefit from it. Continue Reading

Big Data in the Cloud Offers Lucrative Job Positions

Looking for a great new career path? Big data might be your ticket to success. The supply of big data scientists and related professions is low, while demand is soaring. This means that companies from promising upstarts to Fortune 500 companies are paying top dollar for big data skills and expertise. Here are the opportunities that big data holds for the aspiring professional, along with were and how you can work, and the skills you need to land this dream job. Continue Reading

Expert Interview with Antony Falco on Databases in the Cloud

Speaking with Antony Falco, founder and former COO of Basho, turned out to be a good lesson on databases in the cloud.

If you’re a programmer or developer who wants to spend more time flexing your creative muscles and less time getting mired in database maintenance, then it’s time to look to cloud-based services, says Antony Falco, now CEO and co-founder of Orchestrate.

These services allow programmers to be more creative and solve more problems by eliminating unnecessary tasks from their workloads. In the building stage, programmers should be focused on what makes their application unique and getting it out in front of users early. Continue Reading