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5 Unexpected Ways to Use Big Data

People are already using Big Data in ways that nobody could have predicted only a few years ago. Here are some of the most unexpected examples.

The algorithms of style

Meet EDITD. They are a retail technology company, helping the apparel industry have “the right products, at the right price, at the right time”. The founders, Geoff Watts and Julia Fowler, started the company because they saw “the way the fashion industry was making decisions meant a lot of mistakes […] destroyed so much value, and could be prevented with data.” Continue Reading

Hadoop Used to Predict Flight Delays

Hadoop consolidates large volumes of information, stores it efficiently, processes it powerfully, and does all this inexpensively. This makes Hadoop an ideal tool for many applications, and data scientists have tapped this potential by illustrating how Hadoop can be used to predict which airline flights will be delayed or cancelled. Obviously, this is useful information for consumer apps, not to mention travel agencies and other stakeholders. Continue Reading

Expert Interview with Linda Bustos on Small Business and Big Data

By now, savvy business owners should be aware that big data might be their new best friend. But, says Linda Bustos, director of eCommerce research at Elastic Path and author of the Get Elastic Blog, more data isn’t better if you’re not using it effectively.

More important than big data is having a company cultured that isn’t siloed between departments and data sources and that can share data.

She points to Target as an example of a large company that can use big data to make predictions about customers – like when a woman is pregnant based on purchase pattern shifts, like suddenly buying maternity clothes, certain vitamins, and unscented lotion. Continue Reading