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Interview with Dev Lakhani from Batch Insights on Big Data

Dev Lakhani has a background in Software Engineering and a degree in Computational Statistics from Oxford.  Founder of Batch Insights, Dev has been actively working with the Hadoop infrastructure since it’s inception and is currently researching and contributing to the Apache Spark and Tachyon community. Continue Reading

Expert Interview with Linda Bustos on Small Business and Big Data

By now, savvy business owners should be aware that big data might be their new best friend. But, says Linda Bustos, director of eCommerce research at Elastic Path and author of the Get Elastic Blog, more data isn’t better if you’re not using it effectively.

More important than big data is having a company cultured that isn’t siloed between departments and data sources and that can share data.

She points to Target as an example of a large company that can use big data to make predictions about customers – like when a woman is pregnant based on purchase pattern shifts, like suddenly buying maternity clothes, certain vitamins, and unscented lotion. Continue Reading

Expert Interview with Christian Prokopp

Christian Prokopp, Principal Consultant at Big Data Partnership, kindly accepted the invitation to take part in our Expert Interviews series.  Christian has an excellent combination of skills: he’s a Ph.D. data scientist, experienced solution architect and business consultant. Needless to say, we were very happy to talk to him about big data, Hadoop, interesting use cases and market trends.

1. What problems does Hadoop solve for your customers?

The specific problems vary widely since we work with all types of industries, e.g. global banks, car manufacturers, media companies, oil and gas, startups and anything in between. Generally speaking Hadoop often builds the backbone of a new (big) data infrastructure. All types of data can be landed in HDFS in its raw format and with YARN Hadoop has been transformed into a flexible processing platform supporting online and offline computation. A common scenario is initially offloading ETL from expensive and specialised data warehouse systems and then enrich the ETL process with more data and build new products and features often including analytics and machine learning. Continue Reading

Big Data Expert Interview: Andre Vermeulen

We’re excited to launch a new series of posts on our blog with industry experts in Big Data. We will be interviewing an amazing lineup of industry experts and leaders, ready to share their thinking, expertise or their big data strategies.

To kick off the series, we spoke with Andre Vermeulen, Consulting Manager – Business Intelligence, Big Data, Data Science at Steria. Continue Reading