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5 Big Data Lessons to Learn from the Middle Eastern Refugee Crisis

Not since the second world war have nations been so pressed to accommodate such an overwhelming influx of refugees. Pouring in from war-torn, impoverished, famished, and oppressed regions of the Middle East and Africa, it is estimated that there are 60 million displaced refugees worldwide, and another 42,500 are added to this number each day. Continue Reading

Big Data Goes Wild! How Big Data is Making a Big Difference to Wildlife

Big data can help business in many ways: improving everything from marketing to production to research and development. It’s also proven invaluable to political campaigns and is revolutionizing healthcare. But what about the animals? As it happens, big data is helping them, too, as well as the environment that both humans and animals depend on for survival. Here’s how. Continue Reading

Can Big Data Take the Guesswork Out of Identifying Successful Startups?

For every ten businesses started, nine will fail. The failure rate fluctuates by industry, with nearly 60 percent of real estate businesses hanging on for at least four years, compared to less than 40 percent of IT businesses. Reasons vary from an inability to price products properly to a failure to properly pay taxes. What if we could predict which startups would succeed and which would fail? As it turns out, big data may be able to do exactly that. Continue Reading

What is an IT Service Broker and Do You Need One?

Information technology is getting complicated. It’s so complex, in fact, that staying on top of business technology can become so consuming that businesses are hard pressed to focus on other stuff, like actually running the business. This has produced a new creature in the IT world, called the IT service broker. Continue Reading