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How Does Mobile and Wearable Tech Affect Your Big Data Privacy Policies?

Just about the time you think you’ve got a handle on securing the data and providing privacy for your customers, vendors, and others on whom you hold sensitive information, wearable technology enters the picture, delivering an entirely new stream of data and privacy issues. By nature, the data collected by wearable technology is intensely personal. Continue Reading

US Government Expands Big Data Project Collecting Information on Civilians Without Search Warrants

In the US, one of the most solid protections against an overly aggressive or invasive government is the idea of the search warrant. Without a search warrant, law enforcement and government officials aren’t allowed to search a person’s private property, listen in on or record their phone calls, collect and read their emails, and other potentially obtrusive and evasive searches. Continue Reading

What is the Next Generation Firewall? How Can You Choose One?

In the market for a new firewall? The next generation firewall (NGFW) is a distinct improvement over the previous generation for this era of Internet threats. Most businesses opt for a physical firewall, while small companies and individuals might make do with a software firewall. NGFW protection is available in both hardware and software versions. Continue Reading

How Can You Be Sure Your Information is Secure in the Cloud?

Have you read all of the warnings about cloud computing? If so, you likely have some concerns about how safe cloud storage really is. Fortunately, there are ways to choose a provider and use their services that is safe, and allows you to take advantage of the power of the cloud without assuming all those risks. Here is your guide to making sure your data is safe and secure resting in your cloud provider’s hands. Continue Reading

Is the Tech Worker Labor Shortage Threatening Your IT Security?

For several years, rumors have abounded that there is a shortage of IT workers. Some say there is; others say there isn’t. But the reported shortage of qualified IT security personnel isn’t a false claim that the sky is falling. It is real, and it affects both private industries and federal governments — though the shortage is more critical among government agencies since their pay is generally considerably lower than that offered in the private sector. What does your IT team need to know? Continue Reading