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2016: The Year World Governments Decided to Reform Data Privacy

In 1998, the European Union, United States, and Switzerland entered an agreement called Safe Harbor, which was enacted to assure that the data collected, stored, and used by businesses within and among these nations would be kept to a mutually-agreed upon standard of privacy. In October of 2015, a judge for the European Court of Justice struck down Safe Harbor, largely in response to the United States government’s spying habits, made legal by the Patriot Act (enacted following the terrorist attacks on 9/11). Continue Reading

5 Myths About Data Breaches You Can Stop Believing Now

Headline news is what most of us use to gauge the state of cyber security. After all, it’s what we see, hear, and think about. But the headlines (by nature) only capture the most sensational, eyebrow-raising stories of data breaches, malware attacks, ransomware, and other Internet threats. The majority of real-life incidents occur quietly, in the deep, dark bowels of companies all over the world, and are often quite different than what we are led to believe by the news media and popular tech bloggers. Here are the real stories behind the headlines, and the myths you can stop believing now, if not sooner. Continue Reading

The World’s 3 Most Massive Data Breaches & The Lessons You Can Learn From Them

What was the biggest data breach ever? Was it the infamous Sony hack that ended 2014? Maybe it was the much-publicized US Office of Personnel Management hack that rocked the government in 2015? Perhaps it was one of the major retailer hacks, like Target or Home Depot? No, none of these even make the list. These are the huge hacks that keep IT managers awake at night. Continue Reading

What’s Valuable, Sensitive, and Floating Around on the Deep, Dangerous, Dark Web? Your Data

It happens all too frequently: a large, well-known organization issues a press release, admitting that [insert horrifying number here] of their customers’, employees’, vendors’, etc. confidential data has been hacked. It happens to government agencies, retailers, financial and credit institutions, and even to tech companies. Continue Reading

Data Breaches are Now Commonplace: How Can You Keep Safe?

The year 2014 was dubbed ‘the year of the data breach’, but it looks like 2015 will meet or surpass it in terms of the numbers, sizes, and severity of the data breaches. Astoundingly, when the reasons behind the breaches come to light, it was almost always due to a lack of taking cyber security seriously. What will it take for people to step up and take action? Here are the ways you can assure your organization doesn’t experience the same fate. Continue Reading