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Big Data Gone Wild! And How to Tame the Beast

Has big data gotten completely out of control in your organization? Maybe the initiative is not delivering the expected ROI, or perhaps the results you’re getting conflict with other data, leading you to believe it isn’t accurate. There are many ways that data can go wild and cause mayhem in your business — and there are also ways to get that beast back under control. Continue Reading

Data breaches

How to Enable & Support Good Data Stewardship in Your Organization

Data stewardship is the act and responsibility of handling and managing data quality within an organization. Sometimes it’s the job title of a single employee, other times it manifests as one of the responsibilities within the job description of another title — such as the CIO or the IT manager. Data stewardship might also be the prevalent philosophy in an organization, instead of a job description. However, data stewardship does require someone to be in control and others to follow their lead. Stewardship can’t happen when data is continually mishandled. Continue Reading

How to Run a Big Data Benchmarking Test

Are you preparing to conduct benchmark testing on your big data operations? This testing is essential to determine whether your efforts and changes are moving in the right direction or the wrong direction. But your testing, if not done properly, can lead you even further off the path. Here is how to conduct a big data benchmarking test that will give you accurate, true results so you will know where to head from here. Continue Reading

Choosing the Best Method for Outside Network Access

Some lucky businesses are housed in a single building, making networking a cinch. Others, however, are sprawled across large campuses, a metro area, or even with locations in another city. Ethernet is by far the most popular option when it comes to networking with the outside (branch offices, data centers, etc.), but it isn’t the only way. Here is your guide to selecting a remote networking option that best suits your needs, budget, and business requirements. Continue Reading

5 Things You Need to Consider Before Delving Into Big Data

The benefits of big data to a single organization can be profound. When used correctly, it can provide huge savings, help a company reach more customers, improve customer satisfaction ratings, boost production levels, assist in developing better products, and improve business intelligence. But there are some considerations to make before delving in head first. Here are five things to consider before taking on big data initiatives. Continue Reading