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Big Data Points

4 Takeaways on Big Data We Can Glean from the 2016 US Presidential Campaigns

Waaaaay back in 2008, the first time Obama was elected, big data wasn’t even a buzzword. It was more like a dark art form. The concept of dealing in terms of petabytes and exabytes of data confounded most people, who were still quite convinced that gigabytes and terabytes were a lot of data. How cute. Yet big data was a strong reason for Obama’s success, and even more so in the much closer election against Mitt Romney in 2012. Continue Reading

Planning Your Summer Vacay? Here are 4 Awesomely Nerdy Destinations for the Tech Geek’s Ultimate Getaway

It’s time for Bermuda shorts and ridiculous tourist-style Hawaiian tops, flip flops, and sunburns. But where should the tech geeks among us head for this year? If you aren’t into beach bumming and overpriced amusement parks, there are some quite nifty tourist attractions specifically designed for the nerds and geeks among us. Here are a few of your options. Continue Reading

How Big Data is Delivering Operational Intelligence in Real Time

Big data is often associated with batch processing — analytics that takes a lot of time. But increasingly, new data processing and analytical tools are empowering real-time analysis. There are many potential uses for real-time analytics that simply could never be done with traditional batch processing. Here are the potential uses for real-time analytics, along with the tools you need to get it done. Continue Reading

‘Data Scientist’ Earns Top Spot in ‘Best Jobs in America’

What do you think the best job in the country is? One guy works as a personal shopper for clients looking for exotic sports cars–that’s a cool job.

Another guy’s job is just planning mega parties for high-profile and super-rich people. Some other guy just builds ultra-expensive and insanely luxurious mega yachts for the richest people in the world. Those are all really sexy jobs, but according to Glassdoor, the best job in America today is that of the data scientist. Continue Reading

The Pink Elephant in the Room: How IT Ignores Blatant Security Issues, Even in the Era of the Data Breach

What would happen if you completely ignored your car maintenance or home maintenance? What if you bought a car and drove it for years with no oil changes, no tire balancing and rotation, and never adding necessary fluids? Or bought a home, but never changed the air filters, cleaned the gutters, or fixed little things that broke over time? Likely, you would be homeless and walking before too many years. The same is true with IT security. You might get by for a while, but eventually the lack of attention will bite you — probably very hard. Continue Reading