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How to Run a Big Data Benchmarking Test

Are you preparing to conduct benchmark testing on your big data operations? This testing is essential to determine whether your efforts and changes are moving in the right direction or the wrong direction. But your testing, if not done properly, can lead you even further off the path. Here is how to conduct a big data benchmarking test that will give you accurate, true results so you will know where to head from here. Continue Reading

Great news: you can get 60% more performance on existing infrastructure

We recently released a series benchmarking results which reveal that you can get up to 60% more performance from existing infrastructure – be it on-premise or outsourced, bare metal or virtualised.

In our testing, we were surprised to see several infrastructure myths debunked, such as more CPUs equal more performance and that OS choice has only minimal impact on performance. Alex Bordei, our Techie Product Manager is the culprit behind these findings and he’ll be glad to answer any comments, so if you’ve got any questions, ask away.

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