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Learning to Live with (and Overcome) Hadoop’s Flaws

When it comes to managing big data, no system can match Hadoop in terms of working with huge data sets comprised of structured data, unstructured data, and a mix of the two. Of course, advertisers have jumped on the Hadoop bandwagon, joined by online travel agencies, energy companies, image processing firms, healthcare, IT security, and many others. Yet Hadoop has some issues that do cause headaches for the companies that embrace this new technology. What are Hadoop’s worst flaws? More importantly, how can your organization overcome those flaws to achieve big data success? Continue Reading

Big Data as a Service

What is Big Data after all?

The term for Big Data is an umbrella term. It can have lots of meanings, just like the term Cloud has. In our opinion, there could be two main categories for it:

1. Big Data as a service

In order to drive better business intelligence solutions from our data, we’ve tried processing the data through services such as GoodData[1]. They take it in, crunch it and generate the results, with graphs and dashboards.

2. Big Data software providers

Big Data software, on the other hand, can run within your organization, on your servers or on rented servers, but under your complete control. Continue Reading