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5 Ways to Use Big Data That Have Nothing to Do With Marketing

For all of the buzz about big data and analytics, most of the real world use cases you read about involve marketing. It’s true: big data is powerful for marketing, allowing them to finely tune their targeting and messaging efforts. But that’s just a tiny fraction of the potential for big data. From operational improvements to safeguarding your business against the next recession, big data has a lot to offer aside from marketing. Here are just a few of those ways. Continue Reading

Data Driven Digital Marketing – How Hadoop Can Help

Data leads to proper analysis, which in turn leads to more conversions. Every successful marketing strategy relies on data to get the desired results. In today’s online world, people use multiple devices to access information and marketers need the right data in order to segment and implement cross-device strategies.

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Expert Interview with Douglas Karr on Marketing and Big Data

It’s time to stop treating data as a lake, where you understand the width, depth, volume and number of fish, says Douglas Karr, author of Corporate Blogging for Dummies and founder of Marketing Technology Blog. The Internet is becoming a part of everything we do in life, and data is everywhere – from mobile search, social, point of sales, traffic, weather – it’s evolved from a lake to a river.

“The river is constantly adjusting, so the tools have to become more responsive to see what’s upstream, what’s currently in front of us, and what’s downstream,” Douglas says. “That requires very special products that are able to optimize and archive in real time, providing all of this data in a manner where marketers can understand the cause and relationship between efforts and behavior.” Continue Reading