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How to Avoid the 5 Scariest Big Data Pitfalls

While almost 70 percent of all companies are using big data, less than 30 percent are getting all of the goodies that’s possible out of it. A number of companies launch big data initiatives only to flounder with analysis or struggle in getting a return on the investment. How can you assure that your company comes out on the winning side of big data? Start by avoiding these five pitfalls. Continue Reading

Big Data: The Rush for Instant Results

If you were to print out all the data added to the web each year, you would need a lot of trees – probably all the trees on the planet and then some. Who really knows? You could only ever guess. Besides which, by the time you had calculated the volume of data, you’d be out of date.

In fact, having just read that paragraph, you’re already out of date. In the minute you took to read it, there were 2.5 million new pieces of content added to Facebook, 72 hours of new video uploaded to YouTube and 200 million email messages sent. The online data world is growing exponentially at break-neck speeds. Continue Reading

Webinar: Datameer & Bigstep CEOs get together to talk analytics on Hadoop

Analytics on Hadoop in minutes instead of days

Bigstep CEO Flaviu Radulescu and Datameer CEO Stefan Groschupf sat down and discussed big data, analytics on Hadoop, Hadoop-as-a-Service, and the cloud. The entire webinar is available here.

The discussion highlighted :

• How business users can start integrating, preparing, analyzing, and visualizing all their data in hours instead of months.

• How department managers can now leverage insights from big data without waiting for an enterprise Hadoop deployment Continue Reading

Big Data: Are We All Speaking the Same Language?

Big data has brought a big host of new terms along for the ride. Though often touted as just “buzzwords,” it’s important that everyone understands exactly what is conveyed by these terms so that discussion on big data can be thorough, meaningful, and accurate. Here are some of the most common terms you’ll see. Continue Reading

Why 2015 is Set to Be the Biggest Year for Cloud Adoption Yet

The year 2014 saw almost a 26 percent gain in cloud computing over 2013. The market ended at a worth of $76.1 billion in 2013, growing to $95.8 billion in 2014. This year stands to bring almost the same gain, slated to rise by over 23 percent to a worth of $118 billion. If the trend continues, the cloud computing market will close out the year 2018 at a worth of over $200 billion. Adoption rates in the UK are expected to reach 90 percent this year. What is driving cloud adoption growth for 2015? Continue Reading