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7 Types of Businesses That Need Better Cloud Performance

Experts have predicted the popularity of the cloud to erupt the past couple of years, but this year it finally did. Now, 87 percent of businesses are using some form of public cloud services, and 74 percent have adopted a hybrid cloud system of public and private services. Companies are less worried about security concerns, and are experiencing a greater availability of cloud services, greater geographic reach, lower costs, and improved business continuity. What industries could benefit from better cloud performance? Continue Reading

Why Super Speed Matters in the Cloud

Demand for low-latency networks used to be limited to time-critical, capital-intensive applications like financial trading. Today, however, organizations of every type are moving and processing massive volumes of data, and doing so quickly is increasingly critical. Latency isn’t that big a deal for things like typical cloud business apps, but when large amounts of data need to be processed, a little latency here and there really adds up. Today’s organizations want to be able to analyze data and gain insights in as close to real-time as possible.

For businesses and other organizations processing big data, not only is the scalable, “wide mouth” of Hadoop necessary, but as much latency as possible needs to be squeezed out of the process. When you have time-sensitive processing tasks, doing those tasks faster than the competition is a real advantage. Therefore, businesses have to determine where latency comes from and eliminate as much of it as possible. Squeezing as much latency as possible out of cloud applications requires the use of bare metal computing, plus networking and storage solutions that also minimize latency. Continue Reading

3 Reasons Why the Bare Metal Cloud is Blossoming

The bare metal cloud is the latest trend in the cloud computing space, which has taken the IT world by storm. Cloud computing, or the ability to store your information on third party servers and access that information from any device connected to the internet, has numerous benefits for companies. Some of the top benefits include cost savings, the ability to quickly configure IT assets to support company needs, and less intensive facilities and staffing management requirements. 

But many companies are uncomfortable with simply sending their data to unknown servers and leaving its security in the hands of strangers. Bare metal cloud computing has developed as another option, which offers the flexibility of the cloud along with a higher degree of control that many IT managers crave. Here’s a closer look at the bare metal cloud and why it’s quickly becoming one of today’s hottest IT trends.

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