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Big data without high power computing just doesn’t make sense

There is more data in the world than ever before and it is growing faster than it ever has, with 90% of all the data in existence having been generated over the last two years. In business, organisations now have to deal with social media data, email, mobile and much more besides.

Making sense of this can be a challenge. Yet some organisations choose to try and do without the required computing power – this is misguided at best and foolhardy at worst.  Continue Reading

Why bare metal cloud gives a winning performance

There is an elephant in the room when it comes to virtualisation. Of course there are many benefits, but ultimately virtualisation eats performance and its speed just doesn’t compare to that of bare-metal. It’s not just us saying that either, it’s a whole variety of industry experts that have spoken on and researched at length on the subject. We look at the limits of virtualisation, why speed is so important and why bare-metal has no peer when it comes to speed and performance. Continue Reading