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Choosing the Best Method for Outside Network Access

Some lucky businesses are housed in a single building, making networking a cinch. Others, however, are sprawled across large campuses, a metro area, or even with locations in another city. Ethernet is by far the most popular option when it comes to networking with the outside (branch offices, data centers, etc.), but it isn’t the only way. Here is your guide to selecting a remote networking option that best suits your needs, budget, and business requirements. Continue Reading

The Legal Considerations of Big Data

The focus of most companies utilizing or planning to utilize big data has so far been focused on the technologies and talents needed to process and analyze it. While these challenges remain at the forefront of big data discussions around the world, another aspect of collecting, analyzing, and using the products of big data needs to be acknowledged and addressed: the legal ramifications of big data. As you will see, the issues are complex and no definitive answers exist just yet. But knowing what these issues are can keep you out of trouble as the laws governing big data are debated, enacted, and enforced. Continue Reading

What makes a good bare metal cloud?

Bare metal cloud is a relatively new term to add to the technology lexicon. Emerging as a concept a few years ago, it has started to gain awareness and market momentum over the past few months. But as an emerging technology, there is still confusion around bare metal cloud and what it exactly entails.

As one of the first providers of bare metal cloud (and also the world’s most powerful public computing infrastructure), we feel well-positioned and well-qualified to shed some light on it, particularly focusing on two on the more overlooked aspects of bare metal cloud – storage and networking.

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Getting the most out of Impala – presentation & whitepaper

In May, Alex, our techie Product Manager gave a presentation at the London Enterprise Technology Meetup on infrastructure best practices for getting the most out of Cloudera Impala.

We apologize for being a bit slow to sharing our findings with the internet at large, here we are trying to make up for it now.

We started testing Impala in an effort to understand what hardware setup would provide the best performance/price for it. We didn’t want to see it perform in extreme cases, but in regular situations that most users would encounter. We aimed to provide a quick practical guide for choosing the infrastructure to run Impala on. Continue Reading

Is Bigstep’s Full Metal Cloud the Best Cloud Service?

We think so, of course. But we have recently been shortlisted in the Cloud World Series Awards 2014 in the Best Cloud Service category, so maybe we aren’t the only ones. For a new and emerging company such as ours, it is hugely rewarding to see our full metal cloud acknowledged by such a prestigious awards and shows the progress that we are making with our innovative approach to big data and the infrastructure needed to manage it.

We are up against some of the biggest competition possible in this category – Amazon Web Service and Cloudyn. But we believe our combination of bare metal power and cloud flexibility is a really compelling proposition for any organisation wanting big data analysis in quick time, and here is why.  Continue Reading