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Big data in use…HR

When organisations talk about deploying big data, they usually mean within the marketing department. The insight gleaned from big data is used to better understand customer intent and behaviour and brands can use that intelligence for more effective and targeted marketing.

But big data can be deployed in other areas of a business, providing valuable insight in a number of disciplines. We look at big data deployment in HR, what it can achieve, barriers to deployment and what organisations need for success.  Continue Reading

Using big data for real time insight

We recently blogged about some of the different practical uses an organisation can find for big data. But many of the best use cases also have an additional element – real-time analytics.

The actionable insight that organisations derive from their big data is a powerful tool proposition but increasingly executives are wanting that insight in real-time. What steps do organisations need to take in terms of infrastructure in order to extract meaning from their big data in real-time? Continue Reading