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Is Self-Serve Analytics a Viable Option in Your IT Environment?

When big data and data analytics first hit the scene, getting answers and business intelligence out of the data was like pulling teeth out of a charging rhinoceros with household tweezers. Gradually, BI analytical tools grew into something that could be well managed with a lot of help from IT. Now, it’s become a readily available source of data that can (with the right training) be used by even the most technically challenged in the workplace. There are lots of out-of-the-box BI analytics solutions, or you can assemble one DIY. Could you? Should you? Would you? Continue Reading

Music + Big Data = Music Science

Music and statistics have gone hand in hand since the beginning of radio. But lately digitization, the decline of analog devices and the rise of analytics have dramatically changed the industry, creating an entirely new field called Music Science. What is this new paradigm, how it came to be and what are the implications for other industries? Continue Reading

Expert Interview with Linda Bustos on Small Business and Big Data

By now, savvy business owners should be aware that big data might be their new best friend. But, says Linda Bustos, director of eCommerce research at Elastic Path and author of the Get Elastic Blog, more data isn’t better if you’re not using it effectively.

More important than big data is having a company cultured that isn’t siloed between departments and data sources and that can share data.

She points to Target as an example of a large company that can use big data to make predictions about customers – like when a woman is pregnant based on purchase pattern shifts, like suddenly buying maternity clothes, certain vitamins, and unscented lotion. Continue Reading