Could Big Data Spell the End of Animal Testing in Biomedical Research?

Big data

Is there an alternative to invasive animal testing?

The use of animals in biomedical, cosmetic, and military research affects 100 million dogs, cats, rabbits, mice, and primates, each year.

Scientists say animal testing is a crucial part of research. Opponents say these activities are unnecessary and the test subjects are housed in inhumane conditions. Continue Reading

Big Data Reveals New Pools of Untapped Luxury Buyers for Marketers to Target

Big data

Emerging markets represent a significant financial boon for many industries.

Capitalizing on new and emerging markets for product sales could be the next big boon for your company.

Marketing giant McKinsey & Company tells us that there are five billion potential consumers spread out over 37 countries worldwide. In most of these markets, the GDP is currently less than $1,000 annually. That’s 70 percent of the world’s population – with only about 35 percent of the planet’s GDP – at least today. Continue Reading

New Study Shows Cloud Computing Enables 92% of Big Data & the IoT

Big data

Cisco just released their service provider forecast predicting some potentially controversial benchmarks for 2020:

–92% of big data traffic will be cloud-based.
–74% of cloud functions will derive from SaaS providers.
–Consumer cloud traffic per user will increase to 1.7 GB per month.
–Social networking will expand to 34% of all cloud traffic.
–Global IP traffic will almost triple in the next three years. Continue Reading