Are You Ready to Rumble? NoSQL and Relational DBs Face Off

Don’t you just love a heated debate among tech geeks? Along with arguments over the rightful place of cloud computing, the merits and risks of BYOD, and how to leverage the IoT, you can sit ringside while database administrators duke it out over NoSQL versus relational databases, usually SQL. Which one is better? Which one best suits your needs? Grab a ringside seat and let’s find out. Continue Reading

Memory, Big Data, NoSQL and Virtualization

In-memory processing has started to become the norm in large-scale data handling. This is aclose to the metal analysis of highly important but often neglected aspects of memory access times and how it impacts big data and NoSQL technologies.

We cover aspects such as the TLB, the Transparent Huge Pages, the QPI Link, Hyperthreading and the impact of virtualization on high-memory footprint applications. We present benchmarks of various technologies ranging from Cloudera’s Impala to Couchbase and how they are impacted by the underlying hardware.

The key takeaway for the presentation bellow is a better understanding of how to size a cluster, how to choose a cloud provider and an instance type for big data and NoSQL workloads and why not every core or GB of RAM is created equal.


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Is It Time for Our DB Administrator to Delve Into NoSQL?

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How to Avoid the 5 Scariest Big Data Pitfalls

While almost 70 percent of all companies are using big data, less than 30 percent are getting all of the goodies that’s possible out of it. A number of companies launch big data initiatives only to flounder with analysis or struggle in getting a return on the investment. How can you assure that your company comes out on the winning side of big data? Start by avoiding these five pitfalls. Continue Reading