Cloudera CDH on the Bigstep Metal Cloud

CDH provides a single-tenant and high-performance Hadoop environment which can be deployed and scaled at the click of a button. CDH is the only Hadoop solution to offer unified batch processing, interactive SQL, interactive search, and role-based access controls. CDH has been downloaded by more enterprises than all other similar distributions combined.

Test Cloudera CDH on the Bigstep Metal Cloud

MapR on the Bigstep Metal Cloud

MapR on the Bigstep Metal Cloud is the most extensive high-availability (HA) Hadoop distribution on the market. Its unique architecture advantage makes it not only the most reliable solution for big data, but also the world’s fastest solution to date.

Test MapR on the Bigstep Metal Cloud

Hadoop in 2017: Bigger, Better, Faster?


Hadoop will stand strong in 2017.

Hadoop not only lives in the big data cloud, it embodies the big data cloud. Owned by Apache, Hadoop turns 11 years old in 2017. This open source software provides distributed cloud storage and the ability to process large disparate datasets into actionable insight. Continue Reading

Is Splice Machine a Viable Option for Your Hadoop SQL Database?

In the grand land of databases, you have the traditional RDBMS (here’s lookin’ at you, SQL) and an impressive lineup of the sexy, modern NoSQLs (say hey to MongoDB, Cassandra, Redis, HBase, and the gang). The trouble with relational databases is and always has been scalability. Darn things just don’t like to grow, and today’s data sets do enjoy GROWING. But RDBMS retrieve data like nobody’s business. Conversely, NoSQL databases are ACID-less. Continue Reading

Offloading Mainframe Data Into Hadoop: 4 Things You Need to Know

For those who have spent the last decade steeped in all things cloud, virtualized environments, and Hadoop ecosystems, it may come as a shock that some 70 to 80 percent of the world’s business transactions are still handled by the mainframe. About 71 percent of all Fortune 500 companies are customers of the tremendously successful System z, the flagship of mainframe computing. The mainframe isn’t dead, and isn’t likely to be anytime soon. Mainframes are incredibly stable, unbelievably secure, and deliver an impressive level of performance. Continue Reading

Hadoop Overview: What is It? What is It Used for? Do You Need It?

The concept of big data isn’t new at all. While the exact conception point of modern big data can likely be traced back (according to Forbes) to the identification of the “information explosion” back in 1941, what has changed recently isn’t just the volume, variety, and velocity of data — but rather the tools that we have to store and analyze the data. Certainly, volume, variety, and velocity are growing more today, as well, since the bulk of big data is produced by machines, not humans. Continue Reading