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Six Reasons Why Bigstep’s Bare Metal Cloud Is the Better Choice

Deciding to move the data and data-driven projects of an entire organization into the cloud might feel like a leap of faith, but we have come to know that it is an essential step for any company that wishes to remain competitive in the digital era. Performance, security, service, software integration, cost-efficiency, accessibility, versatility, ease of use – these are all qualities that you juggle with in the quest for a best-fit cloud experience. Continue Reading

Hadoop in 2017: Bigger, Better, Faster?


Hadoop will stand strong in 2017.

Hadoop not only lives in the big data cloud, it embodies the big data cloud. Owned by Apache, Hadoop turns 11 years old in 2017. This open source software provides distributed cloud storage and the ability to process large disparate datasets into actionable insight. Continue Reading

Is Splice Machine a Viable Option for Your Hadoop SQL Database?

In the grand land of databases, you have the traditional RDBMS (here’s lookin’ at you, SQL) and an impressive lineup of the sexy, modern NoSQLs (say hey to MongoDB, Cassandra, Redis, HBase, and the gang). The trouble with relational databases is and always has been scalability. Darn things just don’t like to grow, and today’s data sets do enjoy GROWING. But RDBMS retrieve data like nobody’s business. Conversely, NoSQL databases are ACID-less. Continue Reading

MongoDB: The Freaky Patchwork Quilt of the Database World

MongoDB is one of dozens of NoSQL databases that are gradually taking over for relational databases as big data enters the world of business. Relational databases just can’t handle all the unstructured data required for modern data analytics — and NoSQL alternatives have lined up with offerings including MongoDB, Couchbase, HBase, Cassandra, and more recently, the likes of Flink, and other big data tools. Continue Reading