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How Healthcare Organizations Can Avoid Getting Smacked in the Age of SMAC

SMAC is a fun little acronym conjured up to convey the concepts of “social, mobile, analytics, and cloud” that have been so prevalent and disruptive over the past decade. While healthcare has been busy dealing with the Affordable Care Act and the new ICD-10 coding system, business and industry have adopted SMAC full scale. As it happens, these technologies have an incredible amount to offer both healthcare providers and their patients — as well as medical researchers, administrators and other staff, and related services and industries (such as insurance). Here are how each of the aspects of SMAC are impacting healthcare. Continue Reading

Data breaches

How to Enable & Support Good Data Stewardship in Your Organization

Data stewardship is the act and responsibility of handling and managing data quality within an organization. Sometimes it’s the job title of a single employee, other times it manifests as one of the responsibilities within the job description of another title — such as the CIO or the IT manager. Data stewardship might also be the prevalent philosophy in an organization, instead of a job description. However, data stewardship does require someone to be in control and others to follow their lead. Stewardship can’t happen when data is continually mishandled. Continue Reading

What Separates a Successful Data Lake from an Unsuccessful One?

The data lake is a relative newcomer to the land of data storage, but it’s rapidly making a name for itself for several reasons. Data lakes are ideal for organizations that know big data is a huge part of their future, but haven’t yet defined how that will work. Data lakes don’t hamstring you like data warehouses and other data storage options tend to because you can store the data in its native format and leave it ‘au natural’ until you determine a use for it. With inexpensive cloud storage options, data lakes are also quite affordable to set up and maintain. So, how can you construct a data lake that will deliver a hearty return for your time, effort, and money? Continue Reading