Performance for Big Data Apps

5 Ways to Use Big Data That Have Nothing to Do With Marketing

For all of the buzz about big data and analytics, most of the real world use cases you read about involve marketing. It’s true: big data is powerful for marketing, allowing them to finely tune their targeting and messaging efforts. But that’s just a tiny fraction of the potential for big data. From operational improvements to safeguarding your business against the next recession, big data has a lot to offer aside from marketing. Here are just a few of those ways. Continue Reading

MapR Converged Data Platform Now Available in Our Technology Stack

We are pleased to announce that the highest-performance Hadoop distribution is now available on the Bigstep platform.

MapR on the Bigstep platform is one of the most extensive high-availability (HA) Hadoop distributions currently available. Its unique architecture makes it a reliable and fast solution for big data. Key features include record-breaking data processing power, an infinitely-scalable file system, high availability, disaster recovery setup and one-click setup in a high-performance bare metal environment.

In addition to that, it supports a wide selection of Hadoop applications, so no matter what your use case is or how many resources it needs, you can rely on a single, easy to use solution from beginning to end. Continue Reading

Bigstep Nominated as Most Innovative Enterprise Product of the Year

The Cloud Industry Forum (CIF) and Cloud Pro have announced the Shortlist for the UK Cloud Awards 2016. Bigstep is competing for the ”Most Innovative Enterprise Product of the Year” Award. We are honored to have been nominated for this award along with three exceptional companies: Okta, Pink Telephone Company and Thoughtonomy.

This is our second application for the UK Cloud Awards, an event which celebrates the leading cloud suppliers, technologies and projects in the UK. Our first application brought us a prize we cherish to this day – Newcomer of the Year 2014.

Here is part of the application that brought us this year’s nomination: Continue Reading

4 Cyber Security Trends You Never Saw Coming

Most of the cyber attacks and data breaches you hear about are of the garden variety. The Sony hack, for example, and data breaches at Ashley Madison are the same types of threats we’re used to seeing. Unfortunately, many businesses are still vulnerable to these types of attacks because it’s difficult to prove that cyber security actually produces a measurable ROI. But beware, those without adequate IT security, because the next generation of threats is already on the way. Continue Reading

How Healthcare Organizations Can Avoid Getting Smacked in the Age of SMAC

SMAC is a fun little acronym conjured up to convey the concepts of “social, mobile, analytics, and cloud” that have been so prevalent and disruptive over the past decade. While healthcare has been busy dealing with the Affordable Care Act and the new ICD-10 coding system, business and industry have adopted SMAC full scale. As it happens, these technologies have an incredible amount to offer both healthcare providers and their patients — as well as medical researchers, administrators and other staff, and related services and industries (such as insurance). Here are how each of the aspects of SMAC are impacting healthcare. Continue Reading