Stanford Leads the Way Towards Ethical Use of Big Data in Higher Ed

Colleges and universities would love nothing more than to deliver an educational experience so personalized that no student ever drops out and all students perform at their personal best. Big data has the potential to allow institutions of higher education to do just that. The problem is, higher ed has all of the data they need on students (more than they ever dreamed possible), but there are no ethical, legal, or moral guidelines in place to establish what data is okay to use, how it’s acceptable to use the data, whom should be allowed access to the data, and related issues. Practically, data analytics is a gold mine for educators. Ethically, it’s a big, questionable quagmire. Continue Reading

How Big Data Made a Big Splash in the Rio Olympic Games

Big data

Long before Olympians are groomed for the cameras and briefed about the fears over the Zitka virus, big data was helping them shave tiny fractions of seconds off their competitive times, so that they could compete with the best of the best in the world.

Long before Simone Biles, Michael Phelps, and Katie Ledecky stepped up to the podiums to accept their gold medals, big data was shaping their training and performance. As the competition among Olympians and their respective nations continues to get tighter, any little edge can be tremendous in terms of bringing home a gold versus bronze, or in not bringing home any medals at all. Big data is often the factor that separates one competitor from another. Here are some of the ways big data is molding and shaping the Olympic games. Continue Reading


Secret Ingredients: 5 Essential Herbs & Spices for Every Streaming Data Platform

Are you cooking up a streaming data platform to handle incoming data from your mobile apps, websites, or Internet of Things devices? 

If so, there are some essential ingredients you’ll need so that yours ends up being the winner of the cook-off. Here are the must-haves for a successful and tasty streaming data platform. Continue Reading