Smooth Run of Operations for Our Retailer Customers on Black Friday

Black Friday is the hottest day of the year for any retailer. Traffic and demand increases exponentially, and peaks in traffic are as high as you can get. Most websites experience difficulties and it hurts both customers and companies. Not our clients though, as graph shows. Continue Reading

Six Reasons Why Bigstep’s Bare Metal Cloud Is the Better Choice

Deciding to move the data and data-driven projects of an entire organization into the cloud might feel like a leap of faith, but we have come to know that it is an essential step for any company that wishes to remain competitive in the digital era. Performance, security, service, software integration, cost-efficiency, accessibility, versatility, ease of use – these are all qualities that you juggle with in the quest for a best-fit cloud experience. Continue Reading

The Three V’s in Big Data

Big data

Gartner’s Three Vs Provide a Framework for Data Management in 2017


Harnessing big data for business intelligence is the new catalyst driving enterprise organizations. E-commerce, the IoT, and the increasing digitization of societies in countries around the world have driven this phenomenon. All this data has given rise to data warehouses, data lakes, and data marts as holding tanks for the intelligence we can now capture. Continue Reading

Big Data and the Long Tail

Big data

The Pareto Rule has yielded the floor to The Long Tail of Big Data.

Big data has emerged as the latest and greatest of tools for marketers seeking to leverage information to sell products. But as the amount of data captured has expanded, we’ve created “long tails” of information. This article explains how, in order to monetize all points of the long tail, low-cost, non-traditional marketing techniques must be utilized to reach a wider but smaller audience at all points of the tail. Continue Reading