The Real Elephant in the Room: Why No One Wants to Talk About Big Data Security

Gone are the days when businesses sit on the sidelines, mulling about whether they’ll actually get an ROI for investments in big data. Hadoop, Spark, Storm, and the gang have solidified their place in the business world, delivering phenomenal improvements in the past few years in terms of usability, ease of use, and compatibility. Continue Reading


2 Insanely Clever Tips & Tricks for Running Spark on Hadoop

After some interesting industry banter about whether Hadoop or Spark would inevitably rule the universe of big data analytics, it’s decided. There’s room for both, and in many situations, both are needed. Spark and Hadoop work better together. So, now all you need is some valuable insight for running Spark on Hadoop for the total package in data analytics. You’re welcome. Continue Reading


Building Data Lakes in the Cloud

Understand why building a data lake in the cloud entails different particularities than building it on premises

Every industry has both proven and potential data lake use cases. With enterprise data warehouses (EDWs) being rendered ever more inefficient when facing new business needs, cloud-based data lakes have been gaining popularity with enterprises looking to cover the technology gap. Cloud data lakes are purpose-built to meet the data management requirements of the evolving enterprise landscape. Continue Reading


5 Essential Tips for the Hadoop Ecosystem You Must Know Before 2017

You sat on the sidelines, anxiously awaiting the play caller’s decision. Is big data and data analytics the way to score a touchdown, or is the call still under review? After further review, the decision on the field stands … the Hadoop ecosystem features all the X’s and O’s you need for solid BI, marketing data, or any other purpose you have for big data and data analytics. What other insider tips and tricks do you need to score the extra points? We’re so glad you asked … Continue Reading