Speed Racers! Comparing the Zippiness of the Top Big Data Tools

Hadoop was the first real entry into the big data race, and though it got somewhat of a slow start, it has emerged as the winning big data infrastructure. The Hadoop ecosystem has evolved to include a comprehensive set of tools, most of which are open-source, but are supported by deep-pocketed and deeply-committed vendors. This vendor support, combined with a strong and dedicated open source community, has helped propel a number of big data engines into the race for success. Continue Reading

Is Splice Machine a Viable Option for Your Hadoop SQL Database?

In the grand land of databases, you have the traditional RDBMS (here’s lookin’ at you, SQL) and an impressive lineup of the sexy, modern NoSQLs (say hey to MongoDB, Cassandra, Redis, HBase, and the gang). The trouble with relational databases is and always has been scalability. Darn things just don’t like to grow, and today’s data sets do enjoy GROWING. But RDBMS retrieve data like nobody’s business. Conversely, NoSQL databases are ACID-less. Continue Reading